Unique Digital is pleased to announce an exclusive reseller partnership announcement with Sagaology Beijing Limited, China; charting a path for the Unique Digital suite of software solutions to be available ongoing to the Chinese Exhibitor market.

Gaining exclusive reseller rights for the Chinese market, Sagaology will work with local Exhibitors and Integrators to debut RosettaBridge TMS, RosettaNet eTMS, Basekey KDM management services to the Chinese market. Sagaology will provide installation, training services and product knowledge of the Unique Digital product suite along with ongoing first line local support services for the duration of any deployment.

Additionally, Sagaology will be the primary provider of Unique Digital’s pre-show solutions suite, with software’s such as the world leading Advertising Accord, Smart Trailering and Unique’s DCP.io being available within Territory.

“It is only through finding the right local partners that we can hope to maintain the high standards of deployment and support we pride ourselves on with our software. Sagaology is an experienced team in the Chinese market with whom we are looking to revolutionise the solutions offered to market.” said Mark Stephen, Director of Sales for Unique Digital.

“The explosive growth of the Exhibitor footprint in China provides as exciting opportunity for Unique Digital to launch its solutions locally; we don’t go into markets where we don’t feel we have the correct local infrastructure in place; our software and ongoing support structure must both be in place correctly in any operational Territory; one without the other inevitably leads to customer dissatisfaction – with Sagaology we have found local partners who share our same core values and beliefs.”

“For too long we have waited to launch Unique Digital’s innovative and integrated product suite on to the Chinese market, there is a real calling from our Exhibitor partners to have software which can optimise scheduling and management workflows within the Cinema Exhibition space. Proven solutions like RosettaBridge TMS and RosettaNet eTMS are products which we know can benefit Exhibition immediately.

We have a great deal of interest already; expect to see the Rosetta suite being deployed by a number of Exhibitor partners very soon. We at Sagaology are delighted to be able to offer the best of integrated software solutions worldwide to both our existing and new customers; it’s a game changer” commented Eric Zou, Director of Sales & Marketing.

About Sagaology
Beijing Sagaology Limited is a technology driven company focus on cinema industry, providing innovative solution for cinemas to improve efficiency in a cost-effective way