Vue Entertainment Ltd (London) has chosen Smart Trailering™ from Unique Digital for a pilot across 25 cinemas in the UK.

Smart Trailering is an innovative solution that centralises and automates trailer scheduling. The Vue screen content team are empowered to schedule trailers from head office, while the digital solution automatically delivers and update the playlists on the Sony TMS.

The solution is “smart” because Smart Trailering removes all the common playlist building mistakes; using the correct trailer version, certification, duplication are all automatically managed by the software. Exhibition preferences for the trailers can be loaded into the system by the distributors or content providers.

Roland Jones Executive Director Technical Services commented “We were looking for a method to remove the burden of trailer playlist building in every booth and instead to place it in the hands of the screen content team. Unique Digital have a strong history in pre-show solutions with their advertising systems. Smart Trailering’s centralised and automated functionality will create many time saving efficiencies in our cinemas”.

Unique Digital’s Chief Operating Officer Phil Morris stated “We are extremely excited to provide this new and innovative solution to Vue Entertainment. Trailering is an area of the pre-show which has longed for a robust solution and we are very proud to be able to provide this to such an important European exhibitor”

Smart Trailering is compatible with all TMS models that support pre-show API connectivity: Unique Digital’s RosettaBridge, AAM Screenwriter, Sony TMS and Cinedigm TCC.